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Deals like that dont come along often, my Dad was Chief Stewart at Chrysler for 20 plus years in Fenton the cars that came off the line in the late 60's and early 70's was something to drive, the power these machines had was incredable. The Chargers, Roadrunners, Challangers, and who can forget the Hemi Cuda's the list go's on and on. It is a shame that was when the big three car companys was the very best in the world I just wish they had that respect today, who knows where this country would be today.
I wasnt around then , would have liked to of seen it all go down first hand.

Back when i first started ebaying i came across some pretty good finds but to be honest , alot of it has dried up because of ebay .

Once came across an old drag racing parts stash , it included a 392 hemi with zoomie headers still attatched to the heads , hilborn barn door injection , donovan clutch can , mickey thompson blower intake for the hemi which had never even been bolted on . Think i bought the whole lot for 250 bucks.

Bought this 57 a few years ago for me and my wifes wedding anniversary . Just the way you see it i paid 3000 for it . It was a 4 door hardtop with all new int and paint , 283 and a powerglide . Then someone offered us more money than we had thought it was worth for it and sent it down the road for $8000.00 and never did anything to the car except replace the heads and put gas and oil in it . An elderly couple down in greay summit missouri have it and still drive it to this day , they absoultey fell in love with it . Its the green one in this picture , the red one was my 57 2 door hardtop with 80,000 original miles . But thats a whole nother story.

Ok , ill quit stinking up the video thread with car stuff lol.

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