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you know , a few years ago i had a fella come up to me and ask if i wanted to buy a dodge 6 pack motor. I just laughed thinking " Yeah , cause those are everywhere" figured he was full of it , he looked like he hadnt seen a bath since about 78 and was stoned out of his mind . Well a few months went by and i got curious so i went to the adress he gave me . Out behind the house in an old tool shed i found him working on a harley , firing on a j and having a reall good time lol. I told him i was there to see the motor and he just points to the corner , and there sat a 1970 dodge 440 6 pack motor , COMPLETE from a 70 challenger. I asked how much and he said 500 bucks . I damn near ripped my pockets off trying to get the money out . Since the intake was a 1 year only cast iron , i sold the intake and carbs seperate from the rest of the engine . The long block went to colorado for right around 2 grand , the intake and carbs went to florida for 2200 if i remember right.
Deals like that dont come along often, my Dad was Chief Stewart at Chrysler for 20 plus years in Fenton the cars that came off the line in the late 60's and early 70's was something to drive, the power these machines had was incredable. The Chargers, Roadrunners, Challangers, and who can forget the Hemi Cuda's the list go's on and on. It is a shame that was when the big three car companys was the very best in the world I just wish they had that respect today, who knows where this country would be today.
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