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Originally Posted by Mac
I figure Michelle wont get out of this thread with out calling me a redneck or hillbilly atleast a minimum of 6 times. We have had 3 inches of rain in the past few days. The hay field was getting a little slimey so i thought id go play a little. The ground was froze so far down so only the top 8 or so inches was soupy , Couldnt get down deep but it was fun for throwin rooster tails in 2wd and 4 lol.

The truck is my 72 blazer ive owned for around 7 years or more, I put a 468 big block chevy in it , swapped it over to 3/4 ton axles and shes got 39.5 x 18 boggers , just your typical midwest mud toy, i know its not deep in these videos but ive had this thing deep enough down in the river bottoms that i had mud up to the bottoms of the doors and no , ive never got it stuck , always seems to climb out of its hole one way or another.

This first one is kinda a ride along with me lol

The second one , Becky was filming , it gets kinda shakey in a few spots so bear with me.
I think the cig hanging out of your mouth really completes the redneck look Mac!

Great video!
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