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Originally Posted by NateR

These are prisoners of war, not common criminals. It's a different thing. They can't be tried by a jury of their peers, because their peers hate America and have no respect for our laws.

2) America's justice system only applies to American citizens, because only American citizens are subject to American law. You need to start being a little more nationalistic in your thinking, because I can guarantee these terrorists are. We're not a one-world government yet. We will be when the Anti-Christ takes over and let's hope that's not anytime soon.

3) These are very dangerous men who have every intention of carrying out more attacks and killing more Americans. If we let them go, they're just going to go back to committing acts of terrorism against the US.

4) That's why closing Gitmo down prematurely is a very bad idea, because you're just sending enemy combatants back out onto the battlefield. POW camps have existed in every war, and that's all this place is. Anyone with a basic knowledge of world history would know that, unless they've been brainwashed by the silly liberal rhetoric that's been infecting our news media over the last 7 years.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if the left-wing liberals are in league with the terrorists with the way they fight for the rights of terrorists while trying to strip American citizens of our basic Constitutional rights.
1) Then try them infront of a Military Hearing

2) Untrue, if I break the Law in America on my next States Tour I would be tried as an American unless my Country extradites me...I'm also free from British Law whilst in the United States...which means potentially I could hold a Firearm and avoid a 15 year prison Sentance

I dont plan on doing either

3) You cant imprison people on the potential of them doing something they havent yet done. If they havent DONE a crime, they cant be Punished. Its the job of your Law Enforcers to try them if the do a Crime, and your Military and secret Service to stop them if they plan it.

At any rate, you still need a trial to proove they had the potential and were actively plotting.

4) Even in that situation, the people were tried...we dont STILL have Germans locked up from the Second World War awaiting Trial now do we?? Do you

Its only premature if you let them all go with no Trial. You should put them on Trial...and this isnt even a Liberal policy...the Republican President STARTED the proceedure of closing this camp...if you have a bone to pick about this, its with President Bush because all Obama is doing is continuing a proceedure already happening.

Did you realize that? are you gonna level the same charge of co-conspiracy at the last Republican Government that you mention again the Liberals?
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