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Soooo, I went to Trader Joe's today and I get to the wine isles and there he is....the French guy putting more bottles on the shelves. I go up to him and say...
"I'm looking for Late Harvest blah blah blah".
"Well we don't carry that here but I know what it is because I'm from France" "What are you looking for?"
"A sweet wine"
"For what?"
For nothing. I'm just going to go home, drink it and get drunk, that's all"

I took all three bottle he suggested

I opened the "port" wine because he said it was best served at room temp. I did have a wine bottle opener left over from who knows when/who. Problem is....I LOVE the wine, it's only 5:30 PM and I'm completely drunk because I can't get the cork back in and I don't want to waste it...WAR ME!

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