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Originally Posted by Jason 16
I got all 8 of them out and its not fun at all I had bleeding for about 20 hours and almost no swelling on the right side the left side more than makes up for it. I havent eaten for about 35 hours and strangely I dont feel hungry.(I normaly eat 4 meals a day) and Ive been sleping every 3 hours for the fist day and now on the second day I woke up at 4am. O hint to any one that gets them out, dont stand up and get out of bed the second you wake up you will fall on your face (second time Ive done this after surgury) . just felt like giveing you guys an update
I wish oyu a speedy recovery my friend. That can't be any fun at all.
Thanks for the advice on post surgery! That would have been horrible if you'd knocked additional teeth out.
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