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Originally Posted by Chuck
I'm not a fan of this package put forth by Hussein at all but I can't see how the monorail project wouldn't help.

From the raw materials to the wages of the workers.. it seems like it would help. Obviously we're talking about the "new" New Deal but still.. I can see it helping.
The monorail will create lots of temporary jobs at first; but once it's built most of those people will be laid off and right back where they started. So, it's not really generating any long-term stability for the economy. It's not even generating short-term stability since, as Chris F said, the project won't even get started for at least 3 years.

The best way to stimulate the economy would be to eliminate Federal Income Taxes. They didn't exist until WW2 and even then the American people were promised that it was only temporary until the US got out of the war. Of course, they found an excuse to keep it going after the war; but if it was removed, then most everyone would see an instant boost to their next paycheck.

Of course, the Democrats aren't going to do that because they have all these porky little social projects that they want to fund and the recent economic collapse provided the perfect cover for them to slip everything under the door disguised as "stimulus." Add to that some fear-mongering from "Mr. Doom & Gloom" himself, President Obama, and the American people got taken in by the biggest scam in our country's history.
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