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Originally Posted by Chris F
Just think they took out a much needed 8 billion for a monorail system from Disneyland to Las Vegas. Bummer. Also 2 billion to help people buy condoms and quit smoking. Man that would have made a lot of Jobs. And my favorite was the were giving money ot ACORN a group being sued for voter fraud. Wow I am sure glad Obama is in charge and saving jobs with ideas like that.
I did not hear about the monorail being part of the package, but that monorail has already been in the works. They have been planning a light rail system that connects Phoenix, Las Vegas, and L.A. for quite some time now. Supposedly you will be able to travel to any of the three cities in about an hour, which would be really cool, but that is still years away from what I understand.

I also thought that I heard somewhere that ACORN is not actually getting the money directly from the stimulus package, but rather that some of the money that is supposed to go to the individual states was going to trickle down to them somehow. I could be wrong but, either way, those scumbags should not get a single penny.

We all knew this was coming since the moment Obama got elected. Big spending equals bigger government, and that is ultimately what the liberals want.
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