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Its one of those things that has affected me a little bit but i feel guilty about getting sad about it because there are others that are really greiving. I'm sad for them and im sad he had his life.

You know you look through his Facebook and pictures of a young man, and he was determined to fight this "b~@tard " that he called cancer.

I'm alright, it just makes you think.

He has some close friends as well who i know will make sure he isnt forgotten and ill regulalry spare a thought. Good thing is we are saving up for a cause for him as well so there is something being done in his name.

The good thing is that hopefully we can sort out some charity football matches, etc etc and get everyone together.

The thing i guess that hits hard, that the fella was strong and tough, vibrant and this thing sneaks up on you. Don't seem right.

But alas Rest In Peace Jordan Terry, and thanks everyone. Hixo i think its good to remember,ans that you still think of your friend.

Its a funny old life
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