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I know alloottt of you will be against me doing this but next week i am going to start taking testosterone, only for a few months tho. I started lifting when i was fourteen. I also weighed 160 lbs. I am now 16 and only weigh 170 lbs. its taken me 3 years to gain 10 lbs (that is also using protien). So I talked to my Weights Teacher (also a football coach) and he told me he isn't all for it but if i am going to take it, to not take it for too long. So now that i am 16 and will be getting a big growth spirt, i am goign to add to it with some testosterone while i am in weights class for two months (which means i will be lifting every single day excpet weekends)
What for?

Your still growing at 16. Your body is all ****ed up with hormones as it is and chances are your using cheap **** because your 16 and aren't rich.

Don't mess yourself up man trust me you can do major damage. Increase the amount of protein you take in there are plenty of ways to do it. IF your not ment to be big taking drugs is not going to help you.

Just an FYI 90% of highschool coaches don't know wtf they are talking about. About ANYTHING.

Don't screw around. Lift and work hard don't be that fag that ends up taking juice because he doesn't see the gains.
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