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Well, all I can say is I don't think she would have faired well in a cage trapped like an animal and tortured. I never understood how Americans could spit on our returning soldiers and call them baby killers. I was like, "what in the world do you think war is?". People die in war! Civilians are going to get killed in war.

I think it was horrible how they were treated when they returned home. People expected them to return home the same as when they left, but, they coudn't because they weren't the same. They expected them to just pick up their lives and continue on and just put all the things they saw and had to do behind them. If the people at home couldn't bear to hear or know about the horrors over there how in the world could they expect the ones coming back from it to just "forget" about it. I think it was shameful, just shameful how they were treated when they returned home.

I wonder if Jane Fonda, today, realizes how the North Vietnamese "used" her for their propaganda campaign. She played right into their hands. I wonder why she wasn't charged with treason and colluding(?) with the enemy. Like that Johnny Walker Red (?) guy.
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