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Originally Posted by Bonnie
I don't blame the man for reacting to someone hurting his child. It's just knowing that the other one has down syndrome. I'm wondering if the little boy accidentally touched him and he took it like the boy "hitting" him or something. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make excuses for him kicking the little boy. It's just, no matter that he's older, he still might think and react like a child. I don't think they comprehend like a quote, normal, unquote, person. I think they are very "childlike".

Like I said, the ones I've met and known over the years have all been very loving and gentle. They usually want to give you a hug even if you're a stranger.
the little boy walked in joyfully cause he was gonna kid his kids meal, the man with down syndrome was standing a good distance away on the phone, heard him come in and ran over and kicked him....If the little boy touched him, he must have really long, invisible arms
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