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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
and Junie has admitted he needs help. War Machine is still a question. a lot of these guys are too ashamed to ask for help (if they even realize they need it) and just do what is safe, comfortable and common for them, and that is to act out.

my point is and alsways has been, do they have anyone to help support them? how many times have you heard someone make a miraculous turnaround in life say, "if it wasn't for so and so" or "i could have never made it without the help of" or "when i couldn't believe in myself, he or she did?"

if more people took the extra time to talk to someone or just listen to someone, the world would be a better place.
Goat, I think we're on the same page but coming at it from different directions--kinda like the saying..."what comes first, the chicken or the egg". I agree they are going to need outside help (they obviously can't do it on their own (some people can, but most can't)). It's great if you have someone in your life who you can turn to, someone to say they believe in you, etc..., but if you don't, and you want to change, you're going to have to make it happen yourself. That's all I'm saying.

I don't know that these guys do have those type of people around them, I hope they do. Look at Roger Huerta and his story with his teacher adopting him--an example of what you were talking about. I think for them to be successful it's going to take both--their desire and people in their life to help them. How's that?
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