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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Well, they first need to admit they need help. After that, if they don't have a good support system, they have to look for it. People can point out to you that you're headed in the wrong direction or try to show you the right way, but you have to be willing to listen, to learn and to change the course you've been on. None of that's easy and some people just don't want to do what it would take to turn things around for themselves. They want that "immediate" result and if they don't see it, they're too ready to throw in the towel with every excuse as to why it didn't work.

They can have all the help in the world, but in the end, they have to want it in order for things to change and for it to stick.
and Junie has admitted he needs help. War Machine is still a question. a lot of these guys are too ashamed to ask for help (if they even realize they need it) and just do what is safe, comfortable and common for them, and that is to act out.

my point is and alsways has been, do they have anyone to help support them? how many times have you heard someone make a miraculous turnaround in life say, "if it wasn't for so and so" or "i could have never made it without the help of" or "when i couldn't believe in myself, he or she did?"

if more people took the extra time to talk to someone or just listen to someone, the world would be a better place.
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