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Default Sonnen thinks he and Maia can beat Silva

Speaking in an interview with USA Today, Sonnen said:

“Oh, sure. There's a few guys that are in the hunt and that'll be looked at for main-event style matches. Thales Leites has been given his opportunity, so I imagine you'd have to look at him. Of course, the champion is Anderson.”

“In my opinion, these are the two best guys fighting right now, me and Maia. I think whoever wins this fight is the best middleweight in the UFC. I think I'm better than Anderson and I think Demian's better than Anderson; I think we would both beat him. For my money, this is the fight to figure out who's the best. But who's the best and who's the champion are two different deals.”

“How do you get a title shot? There's not a specific architecture in place, so to put yourself in position for those opportunities, beating a guy like Demian would certainly do it. And I think you have to give Thales Leites a lot of accommodations as well; he's won the appropriate matches to find himself in the finals. So there you go.”
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