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Just to say his Funeral was heartbreaking.

The things his parents, sister and girlfriend all read out were painful but for of praise.

I'll just say that the Priest read out a message from the Doctor and Nurses at St Thomas's who helped to fight the cancer was beautiful and touching. all said how brave he was, and how he took it smiling, in good nature and that all the staff were deeply upset at the news.

Whatever way, he got a great send off, and i was pleased to raise a glass for him and attend the Funeral which really hit me.

And i was not even that close, i feel for his family, girlfriends and close friends.

The thing being the finality of it all really gets me, his gone and thats, thats. Its hard to contenplate sometimes.

Just makes me think of life and how lucky we are sometimes and that we should appreciate all we have. it has really made me ponder some things in life.

See it had got me down on things, so i cannot contenplate how the others are getting on, so just want to say i appreciate your prayers and support for them, even if it is only a small thought.


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