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What about THIS from Sherdog. See how yukki :Penn can be to people who have trained with him and going to the media afterwards...I think I said Penn would be like that.

Penn, who’s been nursing his wounds since his four-round loss to welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94 on Jan. 31, expressed surprise that Florian planned to train with the French Canadian fighter, claiming that Florian had previously contacted Penn to warn him of St. Pierre’s proclivity to “grease up” before fights.

Penn dropped the bombshell statement during his first sit-down video interview since UFC 94 on

“That is kind of surprising to me because Kenny is actually the guy who tipped us off that GSP was going to be greasing,” said Penn. “He actually e-mailed me and tipped me off.”

Florian, who once trained with the popular Hawaiian fighter in his homeland, seemed flabbergasted by Penn’s assertion.

“I’ve never emailed a fighter about anything like that. I don’t even have B.J. Penn’s email,” a puzzled Florian told on Tuesday. “I’d love to see that email. I would say print that email and show it to everybody. Where’s this mystery email?”

Florian, 32, also dispelled any possibility that the two had exchanged the alleged information by other means.

“I haven’t spoken to B.J. -- besides ‘hello’ -- since January of 2007,” he said. “I’ve never trained with [St. Pierre] in the past. I have no motive in saying that. Even if I knew, would I say that? I know of other fighters who have [greased] and I don’t say anything to anybody.”

Florian suggested that Penn “feels threatened” by the fighter’s intentions to train with St. Pierre, and described the Hawaiian’s comments as “a mind game.” Florian hopes to join the multi-talented 170-pound king in Montreal sometime in March.
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