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Originally Posted by NateR
She's a traitor and really needs to be put to death for her crimes. Her little stunt actually caused the deaths of many American POWs, not to mention the devastating effect her visit to North Vietnam had on the morale of our troops serving in Southeast Asia.

My dad served in Vietnam and he absolutely hates that woman, many other vets have made it one of their missions in life to ensure that her treachery is NEVER forgotten.
What she did was terribly wrong. I can totally understand how those vets after living that nightmare still hold anger and resentment towards her. I thought she did apologize years later ; I know that does not remove or cancel the damage she did at the time. She's had to live with the consequences of her actions and obviously it's something that will follow her through the end of her life.

All of us must be responsible citizens during times of war even when we disagree with those who make the decisions to go to war and the reasons behind it.

Your dad and the other vets have already paid a high price for that war and are still paying; I hope they've been able to find some peace in their hearts and minds, not for anyone else, but for themselves.
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