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Yeah, the thing is will people get passed this and look at his future performances now and believe that it is/was fair. Well there always be a doubt? He is a really good speciment of what you want a fighter to be, but has this incident ruined it.

If he has ruined it, he still may be on top for a long time......................and for upcoming fighters, he will still be a roadblock in the ww division for the next 5 years at least, which is scary.

HE is ONLY 27

Originally Posted by Neezar
"I don't think any of GSP's fights would have been different if vaselien was not allowed in the ring."

The key word there is think. We will never know though, will we? It makes it all the sadder that he probaly would have won anyway. So, the cheating was for naught but doubts and scandals.

How much his corner knew? They were only verbally warned the first time. The second time the redcoats came in to the ring and kicked the vaseline jar. Well, okay, maybe they didn't get it.
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