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Originally Posted by GroundNPound
1) I think where your logic fails is that you are painting all refs with the same brush. The responsibility is in the ref....a good ref will give warnings and take points if need be. Train the refs better...

2) don't let a judge decide it.

3) If an eyepoke was THAT deliberate then AGAIN it is up to the ref to disqualify or not. Not the judge. If a guy's career is over because of an unintentional eye poke then that's just the sad part of the game. It's a contact sport.
1) I would be happy if they made a compulsory rulling that for each low blow, which results in a time-out from the Ref, a point is deducted.

2) The Judges dont decide anything unless it goes to decision. Wowser, we kill two birds with one stone. DONT created "accidents" aiding fighter Safety, or the Judges will get ya, aiding to a greater focus on finishing the fights to avoid the Judges.

3) no, we're looking at ways to minimize that chance. If Fighters know they will be in trouble for eyepokes they will be more concentrated on not having accidents. Reduce the number of accidents, reduce the likely hood someone is hurt. Contact sport or not, we should be seen to engage with issues of fighter safety, not shake our heads and say "so sad, to bad"

If you can think of a way to motivate Fighters to 1) finish fights 2) reduce the rising number of lowblows/illegal moves...then I'm all for listening...would you rather we attack the finances instead?

For example, if you repeatedly have accidents, we could say no winners bonus if you win. Lose a K for each "accident" if you lose. But I think thats MORE mean then what i'm suggesting.
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