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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Because a fighter should be punished for low blows, and at present, quite frankly, they arent tell me what stops a fighter going out and deliberately making illegal moves and low blows in order to gain an advantage? I've seen it where several repeats have only led to a Ref warning...but thats still undermined the guy on the receiving end whether they get a time out or not.

What will you say the day that an eyepoke leads to blindness and the end of somebodies career??
I think where your logic fails is that you are painting all refs with the same brush. The responsibility is in the ref....a good ref will give warnings and take points if need be. Train the refs better...don't let a judge decide it.

If an eyepoke was THAT deliberate then AGAIN it is up to the ref to disqualify or not. Not the judge. If a guy's career is over because of an unintentional eye poke then that's just the sad part of the game. It's a contact sport.
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