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Default Jane Fonda and Vietnam (thoughts?)

I've been working on a paper for English pertaining to a soldier's experience during the Vietnam War (Tim O'Brien: Things They Carried: "On the Rainy River") , and was doing some research on Jane Fonda.

Until now I had no idea how traitorous that woman was. Why is "Hanoi" Fonda still living in the US after siding with the enemy? And for those who aren't familiar with what she did, here's what happened: Jane Fonda toured North Vietnam in 1972, and during that time she got friendly with the enemy and did a broadcast of anti-American propaganda over Radio Hanoi. Fonda also participated in a staged press conference with American servicemen held captive by the Viet Cong. The purpose of was to "prove" that the POWs were not being mistreated by their captors; however years later when POWs were finally able to described their experiences, Fonda called them "hypocrites and liars.

And there are some sites that report she turned down signed papers from POWs who wrote their personal information to give to back to their families in the US. According to, that information is suppose to be false, but I'm not buying that.
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