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Originally Posted by surveyorshawn View Post
We finally got a date for Benaiah's eye surgery. It will be Dec. 31 at 7 am. It should be a simple, one hour, outpatient surgery, but of course parents are always nervous when our little ones have to have something done, so we ask for your prayers as he goes through this. Hopefully it will be successful and he won't have to undergo anymore surgeries!!
I had severe crossed eyes when I was a kid and finally had to have surgery too. Mine were pulled inward though. But that's been a lonnggg time ago and they have really come a long way in what they can do nowdays. Like you said, now these things are done on an outpatient basis and recovery is so much easier and faster. Plus these little ones seem to recover so much faster than us adults--we can be such big babies.

I'm sure he will do fine, Shawn. Nothing our little lion tamer can't handle especially given what he has already been through. Piece of cake!

He's in my prayers.
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