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I realize this is a sarcastic statement, but one thing fans should not forgot. Whether GSP knew what his corner had intentionally or unintentionally done, his dominance can not be denied. I don't think any of GSP's fights would have been different if vaselien was not allowed in the ring. There is no proof about HGH and he already tested clean for steriods.

I am a GSP fan, and am on the fence about how much he knew or his corner knew, until a full investigation by the NSAC is complete. But, nobody at all should deny that he may go down as one of the dominant fighters the UFC has ever seen.

Originally Posted by Preach
I will save Kenflo some time and money and he wont even have to get with GSP.. Take HGH and rub yourself down with Vaseline.. Thats all GSP does anyway
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