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Originally Posted by Tyburn
So whats your plan of action? Keep them all without Trial? Thats not very American...I suppose you could quickly set up a Trial and inprison them all that way, but thats not in the interests of Freedom.

Did you not know Bush was trying to shut it down aswell?
These are prisoners of war, not common criminals. It's a different thing. They can't be tried by a jury of their peers, because their peers hate America and have no respect for our laws. America's justice system only applies to American citizens, because only American citizens are subject to American law. You need to start being a little more nationalistic in your thinking, because I can guarantee these terrorists are. We're not a one-world government yet. We will be when the Anti-Christ takes over and let's hope that's not anytime soon.

These are very dangerous men who have every intention of carrying out more attacks and killing more Americans. If we let them go, they're just going to go back to committing acts of terrorism against the US.

That's why closing Gitmo down prematurely is a very bad idea, because you're just sending enemy combatants back out onto the battlefield. POW camps have existed in every war, and that's all this place is. Anyone with a basic knowledge of world history would know that, unless they've been brainwashed by the silly liberal rhetoric that's been infecting our news media over the last 7 years.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if the left-wing liberals are in league with the terrorists with the way they fight for the rights of terrorists while trying to strip American citizens of our basic Constitutional rights.
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