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Originally Posted by Moose
If I'm his trainer or coach, I'd know his tendencies well enough to judge for myself. Slurring speech? Probably a concussion. Eating a lot of uncontested shots to the head? Probably throwing in the towel. Coughing up blood? Probably internal injuries or too much blood draining down his throat. If the fights a bloodbath as this one supposedly was, it would be easy to tell.

In my corner, it would be my responsibility not to get emotional, or try to cling to a sliver of victory. Fighters fight, cornermen save.
Slurred speech = concussion?

Eating uncontested shots to the head? That happens ALL the time. So do you think that there are LOTS of fights going on that should have been stopped? For example, do you think Horn vs Chuck 2 should have been stopped? What about Pulver vs Faber 1?

Coughing up blood? How could you tell if they were coughing it up from the lung or blowing it out of their nose or mouth with the cough? And did that happen in this fight? When is the last time that you heard of a fighter suffering damage from blood in his lungs? (Anybody can answer this because I am curious if it happens often at all.)

Do you think Stevenson vs Penn should have been stopped due to blood volume? What about the one with Babalu? Or Shrek?

(This topic interests me in case you couldn't tell. lol)

btw, what, if any, signs did the cornermen have that would have led them to believe that the fight needed to be stopped? Anybody have a link to the fight?
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