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This is a big mistake and i really dont care how or what kind of interrogation tactics we use to get information from these SOB's....In America you are innocent until proven guilty but 1st their not Americans 2nd their not held in America 3rd they don't go by the>>>>>>Geneva convention <<<<<< so any BS you give me about them being held by Americans and so on and so on is out the door. These people are there for a reason.

They should not close the prison i don't care if there's only a 100 prisoners in there. We need to have a place to keep them locked up. I really can care less if they ever get a trial they can rot behind bars for all i care When that place close's they will transfer some terrorist to other prisons but they will let some go. Sorry if I seem a little disgruntled today but this is a touchy subject for me as you all know.
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