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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
The debates on creation are fun to study, but I believe in a literal 6 day creation where God created everything fully mature and this is why they have the appearance of age and this is also why I accept the young earth belief. Since it is so open for interpretation I will nto break fellowship with someone just because they differ as long as they believe God did the create and man did not evolve over time form a different specie.
The point is GOD neither confirms nor denies fact, I do not believe he is even speaking about Creation in terms of a long and drawn out event. He appears to be talking about a significant singular event

For me, its like saying, well Christ died on a cross in a very specific year, but there were those Jews who got to heaven before Christ had is that possible. Very simply, Christs ressurectional power goest backwards as well as forwards from the event.

How do you know this isnt the same with Creation, a singular event 4004BC that goes BACKWARDS as well as forwards?

Personally, I believe that Macro Evoultion didnt effect Humans...I believe that Humans were pretty much completely created, probably not unlike a bacteria. I admit they have undergone changes (you know Neanderthals, and dispite what they say there are a few of them left) are simply a different type of Human, not necc a proof of Macro Evoultion. I shall wait for this "missing link" to proove that...though in reality it wouldnt change my theology at all.

How GOD actually creates is not a concern to me. The fact he alone did, Is
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