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Chris F
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thats not really spoken about in Genesis All we know really is the GOD made the World, and that Humans are the completion so to speak.

It depends how heavy you want to get, there are many, many interpretations that can blend adequetly science and creationalism, mine is wayyyy on the cusp of unification. Although I kinda developed it through what someone on here once said in one of these debates and I ran with it

I dont believe the Bible is just an inanimate object either.
The debates on creation are fun to study, but I believe in a literal 6 day creation where God created everything fully mature and this is why they have the appearance of age and this is also why I accept the young earth belief. Since it is so open for interpretation I will nto break fellowship with someone just because they differ as long as they believe God did the create and man did not evolve over time form a different specie.
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