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ummm....I know its not human specie change, i said in the post that it was between lizards and chickens/other avians. Secondly, there is only only one human specie, that is i dont know what you are commenting on.

You told me you studied zoology....

This particular study is taking normal chickens and promoting DNA regions normally repressed...and it turned out those repressed genes carried lizard like qualities. Hence, suggesting some kind of lizard to chicken evolution....HENCE a type of macro it opens the door for human macro evolution and is it possible. I still dont agree with it, but i was hoping to get the oppinon of someone who studied at a bible college and had had zoology knowledge...instead i barely got a sentence reply....

Thanks, and never mind. have a good night.
See this is what happens when you answer a question for someone else. At least you could have stayed on topic.
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