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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
My opinion you are wrong. Have you evan read the Bible?
I'm ok with your opinion, but I disagree with that. Yes I have read the bible. It's been a while since I have read it and I will acknowledge that I haven't thoroughly studied it. I have also read tales of mythology (which is the literary category I would place the Bible in) but haven't studied those either since my high-school days. I don't mean to sound rude and I realize that my beliefs are unpopular with the members of this forum, but I don't consider the Bible to be be anything other than a work of fiction with some historical accounts mixed in as well. I'm not saying it isn't an important book with literary value, but I consider it to be a book written by mankind and not the inspired word of God. Having read it showed me that there are many things wrong with it.

Before I realized I was agnostic, I saw many things that didn't seem quite right with it. After I realized that the Bible wasn't an infallible document, I looked at it differently. There are many great words of wisdom in there and many great lessons to be learned, so I think that it is a very important book. I just don't believe it to be the word of God.

Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I'm assuming you can provide us with a comprehensive list of exactly what those inaccuracies and inconsistencies are? You can't make a claim like that without providing some evidence.
Yes I could and I am, though since others have already done the legwork on this, I am sure that you are quite able to use google and keywords to find the information yourself. I'm not out to win a prize or get a grade for this so it is of little importance to me; and frankly I don't feel like spending the few minutes of time to do it so I can read your insulting comments in regard to the links I would provide. If you wish to provide information to counter my beliefs, feel free to post it and I will gladly take a look at it. So far I haven't read anything that has been able to change my mind or beliefs, but I'm still open to that possibility.

Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
I think he logged off to go find them...
He'll be back when he finds them all...

I'll miss him
It would take very little of my time, but that short amount of time that it would take isn't worth it to me when the information is there for all to find with just a few good keywords and any search engine.

I wish you well in your walk and am by no means trying to belittle your beliefs. I hope you will offer me the same in return.

Originally Posted by NateR View Post
What's funny is that everyone who has made an HONEST attempt to discredit the Bible has ended up becoming a Christian.
That's a mighty big statement you have made there. Can you provide anything to back that up?

I'm always open to new ideas, and if there is evidence to counter my beliefs then I will surely give it a fair chance. I can't say I believe in something when I actually don't. That would be lying to myself. That is why I am agnostic in my beliefs. There are so many differing viewpoints and beliefs about Christianity, and those who call themselves Christians can't even agree on a shared belief. It boggles my mind. How does one know if they have the correct beliefs?
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