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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I don't care what the accepted version of history is at this moment, I want to see some documents, written by the Catholic Church, from that time period that essentially declare war on the scientific community, as you claim.
They Ex-Communicated a lot of Enlightenment people, like copernicus. That is a declairation of war. I cant show you the document, because it doesnt exist any more for two reasons...first one would have traveled by horseback from the Vatican to be given to the man himself...and the second, probably stored in the Vatican wont exist any more.

I told you, they have since changed their minds...and a later Pope reversed the Excommunication

Do you want me to find the names of the two Popes...or will you just accept that the Church and Enlightenment didnt get along, and the Church was wrong

The Roman Catholics use a law called Latae sententiae for whats known as automatic ex-communications for naughty people whose actions are obviously heretical, as the Enlightenment was at the time. Judging on this...I suppose you want me to proove that the Church didnt hold the Enlightenment view in the first place...otherwise you cant hold the enlightenment in Latae Sententiae can you.

Well Pope Saint Pius Tenth wrote a book called Encyclical Pascendi in which the Aristotilian model adopted by Scholasticism under Saint Thomas Aquinus was held to be THE truth. I've never had to research the obvious before...and it doesnt help that every time there is a new pope, Rome changes its mind AND rome was busy with two conflicting thoughts "humanism V Scholasticism" and also of two issues with the Pope, those who thought he was above the council of Bishops, and those who thought he was subservient to the council of Bishops" and finally, they were still recovering from The Orthodox its not easy to proove what the church actually thought about anything with much claritiy, and even with clarity, that changed everytime something happened in the Vatican.

So the excommunications are about the only proof, plus the view that the Church masses generally believed in the Aristotilian Model, which is what was replaced by the Enlightenment is about all your going to get. Reading the Enlightenment Philosophers though its obvious they didnt agree with the Roman Church at all. Look at "GOD in Emmanuel Kant" and tell me whether even a Protestant Church would aggree with his ideal of GOD...the answer is no...Kants god is bars the whole possibility of having a personal relationship with pretty much bars Christ...and it makes GOD completely irrelevent from the moment that Creation was completed.

Face it, the Enlightenment was the end of all churches :(

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