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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Don't get mad Chuck, but I am convinced that Ben might just be the most mediocre QB to ever get two rings.

Now, thats not to say that he is not a great QB, but when you think of the QBs who have been able to do it more than once, and think of their performances, Big Ben don't sit so high up on the list, IMO.

now don't beat me up to badly!

I'll take a mediocre QB who brings home 2 rings over a great QB with none any day

I think Ben is a very good QB... not amazing, certainly not one of the elite but definitely above average... quite a bit above IMO.

The reason I think people don't give Ben credit is because he's not a conventional QB. He's not a pocket passer who's going to rack up yards... he's a gamer, he makes something out of nothing, he scrambles, buys time and finds receivers better then anybody in the league in my opinion. Our O line has sucked in the last few seasons and our offense is never going to put up 300 yards passing. It never has... that's not Steeler football.

Now factor in things like decision making etc... I think he's well above medioce. And contrary to what some bitter fans say... the Steelers have never been handed a Lombardi trophy. We certainly don't win pretty all the time.... but we've earned all 6 even if the haters don't want to give us credit.
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