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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
As much as hardcore fans won't admit wrestling as fake as it is takes more toll on the body than mma does imo...
I'd think I'd rather do MMA than be a professional wrestler anyday of the week. WWE spend 300plus days on the road away from family and with all the physical wear and tear comes the emotional scars. Tons of pressure to perform and not screw up the show while pressure trying to stay in the limelight...Pay is good yes,but u certainly earn it..
Victoria was never a huge fan of hers in WWE she's cute though,but not as hot as some of the others. I hope she knows what shes doing gonna ruin that perrty face of hers...More power to her..
I agree, it's much harder on the body. Especially given the culture surrounding the sport on it's highest levels. Not only the emotional pressure to perform, but the partying takes a huge toll too.
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