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Well Buzzard then you certainly are just being bias. I admitted mine was faith and was not trying to win any argument. He started the thread and the burden of proof is on him not on me. That is argumentation 101. In court the prosecution has the burden all a defense attorney need to do is cast doubt. SO no Buzzard I would not loose because he has not made his case and there is plenty of doubt. When he provides real scientific evidence i will address it, but since that does not exist I will just sit and observe.
Seems he can't provide anything now because so many complained about him and wanted him banned, so he has been temporarily banned.

When you provide some scientific evidence that the world is only 6,000 years old +/- a few hundred years, we can talk about that then. Much of what you rely on faith as evidence can be dis-proven through science. No need for anyone to provide the evidence as it is out there for anyone to access, and if provided you would probably ignore it anyway because you have already stated that any science that contradicts what the Bible says is wrong, or words to that effect.

In case you didn't notice, we are talking in a forum, not in court. Big difference.

He has provided evidence of other things yet you won't or haven't bothered addressing those, so why should I think you would address other evidence, as again you said you don't believe anything that contradicts the Bible.

Psst, I think the word you wanted was lose. Just a pet peeve. So many people mix those up and I can't understand why. Another one is using mute instead of moot, as in a moot point.

Have a great day and please note that I am not speaking out of spite, anger or anything, just having a discussion like I would have with my friends. Just because we disagree on things doesn't mean I don't like you or that I hate you. We just disagree on certain things.
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