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I certain believe in micro changes. Many thing must adapt in order to survive and/or become viable. I apologize but I did not see your link about the lizzard -chicken thing. Can you re post that link please.

The question (from crisco) aroused of what came first, the chicken or the egg? I used this time to give an example of macro evolution, and some of the evidence behind it....i showed why biologists gave beleive the chicken game first..

i wrote the following, followed by a research paper publication...

"Hmmmm not that I am a proponent of Macro evolution as Nate and I had this conversation some time back. But if I recall correctly (evolutionary was a long time ago for me), science seems to point out that the chicken came you ask?

Well, from an evolutionary perspective, many of the genes in a chicken are very homologous to that of a reptile; particularily with: crocodiles, snakes etc etc. Also, scientists have been able to locate these very genes in the chicken and discovered that they were repressed (over what they believe to be millions of years ago). Thus, they were able to turn these genes on, an noticed the chickens were able to grow reptilian like teeth, which is HUGE since they dont have teeth to begin with. Also, their muscle structure also changed (heres one paper that was published)"....

So in short, at some point a lizard creature gave birth to a chicken type creature.

The Development of Archosaurian First-Generation Teeth in a Chicken Mutant
Current Biology, Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages 371-377
M. Harris, S. Hasso, M. Ferguson, J. Fallon

There are dozens and dozens maybe even hundreds of papers doing similiar experiments on different animals.
Mr. Ferguson works in Wisconsin I beleive.
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