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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
So if a woman punched you multiple times and wanted to enter a man's world, you would just let her continue punching you? If she wants to enter a man's world, she'll get dealt with like a man.
She's laying on the floor and he allegedly kicked her. I don't see a woman doing much damage to you while laying on the floor.

If a woman was punching me I would subdue and hold her in place until she settled. I've never met a woman that could seriously hurt me by hitting me and I've met some tough chicks.

Punching or kicking a woman is wrong ESPECIALLY if on the ground. He can do whatever he wants they trespassed on his land and he should be in his rights to do what he wishes. I personally feel kicking a woman while she is down is wrong.

I commend him for his efforts but if I ever met the man and he bragged about kicking a downed woman I'd have to call him out and give him a little justice of my own.
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