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I did look at them. Fascination stuff man, good links.

I do recall vaguely seeing stuff similar to this back in 1st year undergrad science studies. I believe the explanation was that these large "humanoid" skeletons are likely some kind of an anscestor the modern day gorillas and stuff. As you may know, the muso-skeletal system of a gorilla or ape is quite homologous to a human. This is was supported by the belief of scientists (both creationists and evolutionary biologists) that humans are getting larger and taller in this day an age, and were probably alot smaller thousands of years ago.

Ie: the example of david and golliath..... was david really a normal sized man and golliath a huge giant? many beleive that daivd was a normal sized man, but back than a normal sized man was just really small by todays standards. Where as golliath may have been ahead of the curve and just been relatively large guy by todays standards (thus making him seem giant like)

anyway, just my take. Ill see if i can find some peer reviewed science articles on the large human fossils i saw back in the day, because i could have sworn i read some....ill get back to you.

Later man
Okay, from a quick search....i think these are couple of them: (published in US national academy of science)

Here was another one, that specifically looked at such finds that you mentioned that were in Africa....but they also admit that more study needs to be done. Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_SingleItemSupl.P ubmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=5&log$=relatedreviews&l ogdbfrom=pubmed

Hope that helped friend...
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