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You see you want us to think like you and when we do not you whine. There is nothing to talk about the theory of evoultion because it is science fiction and a waste of thread space. So if someone else prefer to swallow your propaganda then they can waste their time with you but since you refuse to provide any citations at all I cannot take you as a serious academic. Good day!
Can you provide any scientific citations to disprove the theory of evolution and/or to prove your belief of the earth being only 6000 years old? Can you provide scientific citations to back any of your beliefs?

You call the theory of evolution science fiction yet you believe in things that can't be proven, haven't been proven and are far more out there as far as beliefs go. You seem to always fall back on "faith" as being the answer. That isn't the answer for any of it yet you cling to it so very tightly. How many drinks of water did it take for you to swallow your propaganda pill?

If points were being scored on who brought what to the table, you would clearly be losing. Yeah, just my take though I am looking at what was presented and trying to be unbiased in my opinion. Even when I was a believer I couldn't believe some of the things that were put out in front of me no matter how hard I tried.

It's too bad shon8121 isn't able to defend his position here. I have been enjoying reading the threads and responses given by both sides.
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