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Originally Posted by Tyburn
And...are you honnestly telling me if they had stopped the fight they wouldnt have called it as Henderson by TKO in the third? Look at Anderson Silva who had nothing to do with the stoppage Verses Patrick Cote...and yet who won?
Im gonna respond to this first and then I will respond to the rest of your post later. Had the fight been stopped at that point they would not have just given the fight to Henderson. I think there were only 10 sec left so they might have gone to the judges score cards but they would not have ruled the fight a TKO for Hendo. There is a major difference in what happened in the Silva vs Cote fight and a fight ending in an illegal blow. Silva did nothing illegal to cause Cote to get hurt. Cote was throwing a punch, or kick I cant remember, and hurt himself. At that point Cote could not continue and they have to call the fight for Silva. The same thing would have happened had BJ not been able to continue when he hurt his rib against Matt. The fight would have been ruled a TKO for Matt.
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