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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
No I said that Genesis takes place in 4004BC, I said that backdated time goes back to the Big Bang before that. The Creation Event happened in the middle of Creation, NOT at its start.

Did you even bother drawring the Triangle...coz if you had you would understand much for actually wanting serious topics of debate. You're a dissapointing Fraud
Fraud? Did I not say I was confused by what you said?
And no, I didn't draw the Triangle. My bad. I have no paper or pens nearby.

Originally Posted by Chris F
That was Catholic dogma not scripture so if you are going to use biblical terms then you must do so as the bible dictates.
I can care what the English translations say I can read the Greek manuscripts. You cannot make a doctrine based on the English version and the point is you said the bible claimed illness was caused by demons. That is not true. Illness was caused by sin entering into the world and from that point on mankind began to die in the flesh. You posted scripture and were refuted soundly and no you make excuses. Just admit you are wrong and have no clue because your faith is in the scientific method and not the creator.
It is not my interpretation it is called rules of grammar. Spend so more time in English class and less in science class. The rules are same in English as well.
My gosh how much propaganda kool aid do you drink everyday. Also adaption is not what were are talking about, stop trying to skirt the issue
1.) With contradictory verses on such important things like who Jesus was, what better source am I to get information from than Church Leaders themselves from the various Sects of Christianity?
2.) Uh... Haha, there are still Christians today that believe Demons cause Illnesses... especially Mental Illnesses. You take up your problem with them.
Oh and uh... it's not Faith in the Scientific Method, it's "Trust". Big difference, you English Major you.
3.) Lets talk about skirting the issue, you addressed NOT ONE of my Evolutionary points. And if you had actually read what I wrote, you'd understand that our Ancestors the Cro-Magnons evolved to be adapted to a warmer climate in Africa and when the Ice Age receeded in Europe, they migrated. Since the Recession of the Ice Age happened relatively quickly, Neanderthals technically either had to "adapt" or die out... and they ended up dying out because the Cro-Magnons were more well adapted to that type of environment already and outcompeted the Neanderthals for food and territory.
I very specifically talked about Evolution. I mentioned the Neanderthals having clearly evolved from a common Ancestor with Humans but had Evolved separately in Europe to the cold harsh climate there and they didn't contribute any genes to the modern Human population... possibly because they couldn't interbreed with our Ancestors.
Care to tackle the Evolution subject in the "Theory of Evolution" Thread now big guy?
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