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Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post

There were a lot of things I found a little confusing in your post, but overall the only major issue I would have is the timeline... at least the way I undertsood it. You claimed the more literal interpretation of the Bible having the Earth show up roughly 6,000 years ago which wouldn't give enough time for things to Evolve from a single celled organism to the variety we see today.
But yeah, otherwise, I like peeps like you who don't really care how god did it... just that he did do it.
No I said that Genesis takes place in 4004BC, I said that backdated time goes back to the Big Bang before that. The Creation Event happened in the middle of Creation, NOT at its start.

Did you even bother drawring the Triangle...coz if you had you would understand much for actually wanting serious topics of debate. You're a dissapointing Fraud
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