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Use the emoticons if you plan on not being taken seriously
Yeah Time 2001 cover boy. Not proof at all and not complete either. Try again. They theorize this is a human ancestor but that logic is faulty because one must presume the theory of evoutlion is true and that is not true science. You cannot enter an experiment with rose colored glasses. You must stay objective and you cannot manipulate the experiment to answer your hyposthesis.

Yeah and I clearly showed you were wrong with basic grammatical structure. It does nto say demons caused the illness you are lying and making things up.
Would you write an article and tell your reader to google it and expect to be taken seriously? You made the claim you have the burden of proof to provide evidence that we can accept or refute. I thought you were a sceintitist.

In red above
Interestingly enough, I am not a Scientist, but thanks for assuming!
Last time I checked... Evolution has been a Theory in Falsifiability "mode" for... about 150 years now. If you weren't sure, that means its accepted by the consensus of the eminent Scientists so it's as much a fact as... Gravity. Oh wait. It's more so a fact because we know more about the mechanics behind Evolution than we do for Gravity (which is also accompanied by a Theory if you decided to skip some prior posts).
So, a Hypothesis is certainly not what we are dealing with when it comes to Evolution, but nice try. If you are going to use Scientific Terms, lets use them according to what the Scientists dictate, shall we?
Oh wait a minute. I need an Emoticon to be taken seriously.
There we go!

Weird how you proved me wrong on the verses thing. I mean, before Germ Theory and modern medicine, it was commonly accepted that Demons caused Illnesses... how on Earth could I and the Church leaders of the past get it SO wrong? Dang it.
Look. I didn't write your Bible. And in fact, there have been more recent Translations because the Kings James Version wasn't exactly spot on. So what if something crept into it that shouldn't have been there? Like the verses about Unicorns and Cockatrices? In the New Standard Revised Edition, maybe it takes care of the whole Demons causing illness thing like when it got rid of faulty translations involving those mythical creatures.
Now please, can I "run" away into a personal message with you? I don't want to become guilty of the very thing I just assured TexasRN I wasn't going to do... even though I'm not bashing the Religion, just making note of a verse.
If thats not your interpretation of those verses, thats fine, but thats why we have so many sects of Christianity, because no one can seem to agree on a lot of it.

Last but not least, Ardipithicus is fully intact. Why don't you do a more recent check than 8 years ago? You know what else happened recently? They discovered thanks to sequencing Mitochondrial DNA that Neanderthals have not contributed to the Gene pool of the modern Human population. Can you guess what that means?! It's a whole other "Human" race complete with it's own awesome features, like increased bone density, more muscle mass, and larger brains that modern Humans have! What do you know?! Evolution caused two "Human" types of Species to Evolve somewhat separately... but our Ancestors the Cro-Magnons outcompeted the Neanderthals for Territory and food because they were more social and better adapted to the warming climate.

Oh, and uh... I provided the websites, now you go research. Try it for once. It's pretty fun.
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