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Sir, I joked about the misspelling. The joke was that you spelled "Science" as "junk Science" or "Science Fiction"... but I guess jokes are lost on you.Use the emoticons if you plan on not being taken seriously
Well, do I only have to give you one fossil that is complete? How about Ardipithicus? Yeah Time 2001 cover boy. Not proof at all and not complete either. Try again. They theorize this is a human ancestor but that logic is faulty because one must presume the theory of evoutlion is true and that is not true science. You cannot enter an experiment with rose colored glasses. You must stay objective and you cannot manipulate the experiment to answer your hyposthesis.

Heresy? Ok dokay. I listed the verses. I think it's pretty plain for everyone to see.Yeah and I clearly showed you were wrong with basic grammatical structure. It does nto say demons caused the illness you are lying and making things up.

Um... you want weblinks to Transitional Fossils? I always tell people to "google" stuff... and a lot of what I mention can be found on or
Do I have to do all the research for you? I mean, I did indeed make a lot of claims here... but I also recommend that you don't take my word for it. By all means, do some research on your own.Would you write an article and tell your reader to google it and expect to be taken seriously? You made the claim you have the burden of proof to provide evidence that we can accept or refute. I thought you were a sceintitist.
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