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Please do not lower yourself to complaining about spelling or such, that is a weak logic and you know it. This is a forum not a thesis. I have seen the studies on the fossils oyu listed which one do you claim to be complete and that is true evidence of a transitional to hominid?

How do they claim that other then your opinion. This is on topic. Defend your heresy in public sir and do not runaway and hide via PM. You made the claim now defend it.

Prove it sure. I find that the most arrogant thing on here since you have yet to show any proof. Citing talking points are not proof. Even the field of science demands citations and verifiable evidence. Can you show with fossils the transition and can you show us how we are evolving into a new specie even now? Not adaptations but the evoultion of the specie itself. When you do that then you can claim I am wrong until then spare us the smoke screen logic and prove it.

In red above, stop skirting the issues and prove it already.
Sir, I joked about the misspelling. The joke was that you spelled "Science" as "junk Science" or "Science Fiction"... but I guess jokes are lost on you.
Well, do I only have to give you one fossil that is complete? How about Ardipithicus?

Heresy? Ok dokay. I listed the verses. I think it's pretty plain for everyone to see.

Um... you want weblinks to Transitional Fossils? I always tell people to "google" stuff... and a lot of what I mention can be found on or
Do I have to do all the research for you? I mean, I did indeed make a lot of claims here... but I also recommend that you don't take my word for it. By all means, do some research on your own.
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