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Originally Posted by Max
allowing a judge to take a point away when the ref does not think a point should be taken away is stupid. Allowing a judge to take a point away when no foul has even been called or rule the fight a no contest ****ing stupid. First, if a foul, such as a low blow or poke in the eye, makes it so a fighter can not continue the fighter who committed the foul is not given the win. The only time I have ever seen this happen was in the Anthony Johnson fight and that was because the ref did not see the eye poke. In most cases the fight will be ruled a No Contest or if the fight has gone long enough (past the 3rd round I think) they will go to the judges. Second, there is no way they can allow judges to take points away if the ref did not think a point should be taken away. You are giving the judge more power than the should ever have. There would be no consistency in the judging at that point. Allowing them to take points away when no foul was even called would cause even more problems. A judge could take a point away simply because he might have seen a foul that might or might not have happened. If MMA made the changes you suggest it would destroy the sport.
No, the judges only have that power IF it goes to decision....and I dont mean the judges just take points. I think when the Ref calls for a time out. So its OBVIOUS a foul has happened. then the Judges shouldnt need him to come and tell them they can deduct a point if they so wish.

It would make Fighters less careless, and also make them want to FINISH the fights more. That of course would leave the judges powerless, since they can only act IF the fighters fail to finish the fight.

This is all in the hands of a fighter. A careful fighter wont be penalized, a Fighter who finishes wether careful or not wont be penalized. A fighter who keeps delivering low blows and fails to finish his opponent legitamately will get it in the head. I think that he deserves it. There is no way that Dan Henderson deserved to win that fight. How could one expect Franklin to win the first and third rounds when dissadvantaged through no fault of his own BY illegal moves on Hendersons behalf?

So...they've rewarded Henderson for a bad performance. TUF has the power to make or break someones popularity, I hope its a curse for him. I dont know about the headbutt, but that eyepoke looked deliberate. Would you still be so happy, if Rich Franklin had been forced to retire or something...coz I'm telling you its just a matter of time. Dont you dare go on about Fighter Safety the day one of your idols is forced into early retirement by an illegal move, if you offer nothing as to how to solve the issue.

And...are you honnestly telling me if they had stopped the fight they wouldnt have called it as Henderson by TKO in the third? Look at Anderson Silva who had nothing to do with the stoppage Verses Patrick Cote...and yet who won?

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