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Hello all!! I am Shane, Sugar Shane to most on here. I have been a fan of Matt's since January of '06 or so, but did hear his name alot before that as I worked in the Hillsboro/Litchfield area as he started his fighting career. I joined the original forum in November of '06 and met my brother from another mother, OddTodd76. I have made quite a few connections on this forum and some of the members I consider my second family, so don't mess with them!! LOL!! Anyway, I was born and raised in central Illinois and now live in northern Illinois in a little town by the name of Thomson. I work in construction as a Superintendent at a biodegradable plastics plant. I love watching and training in MMA as I have done for the past 3 years or so, if I am not in the gym on the weekends you can find me at a campground somewhere. I have never been to a UFC live, but plan on going to Matt's next fight, and have been to a TON of local shows here and there. I guess if you want to know something else, just ask.
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