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I'm quite the wino. What exactly are you looking for?

I'm not a big fan of dark, tanniny reds, but I do have a few whites and tables wines I highly recommend.


I see you like sweet. Start with white merlot by Sutter Homes. That's a nice, sweet wine for 5 bucks or so. Also, stick with table wines, and desert wines, if sweet is what you're really after. Not that I think you would do this, but don't feel bad if your palate is more suited for the cheaper wines, I know mine is. For example, I enjoy a 10 dollar bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay over a 25 dollar "better" Chardonnay.

Also, for beginners and rule of thumb: Red wine for red meats, whites for leaner meats, and Chardonnay for fish and seafood.
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