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Your DNA evidence is not direct proof of anything. It's just as much an indication of a Common Designer as it is for a common ancestor.

Is the existence of "residual DNA" in our bodies a fact? Well, from our current understanding of genetics, yes. However, in order for that fact to be proof of anything it must be interpreted and that interpretation depends greatly upon the worldview of the interpreter.

So, claiming that it is proof of Evolution is simply an opinion since none of us were alive to witness these events. Also, comparing it to a crime scene just tells me that you've watched too many episodes of CSI.
As I've heard its an interesting show, I in fact do not watch CSI.

Common designer? Ok... I guess you didn't research the terms I gave you. But recall, this is NOT about Evolution verses the Literal Biblical Interpretation of Genesis. So lets stop acting like its Christianity verses Atheism.

Lets look at Endogenous Retroviruses first:
Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) are retroviruses derived from ancient viral infections of germ cells in humans, mammals and other vertebrates; as such their proviruses are passed on to the next generation and now remain in the genome. Retroviruses are viruses that reverse-transcribe their RNA into DNA for integration into the host's genome. Most retroviruses (such as HIV-1) infect somatic cells, but some can also infect germline cells (cells that make eggs and sperm) and once they have done so and have been transmitted to the next generation, they are termed endogenous. Endogenous retroviruses can persist in the genome of their host for long periods. However, they are generally only infectious for a short time after integration as they acquire 'knockout' mutations during host DNA replication. There are many thousands of endogenous retroviruses within human DNA (HERVs comprise nearly 8% of the human genome, with 98,000 elements and fragments). All appear to be defective, containing nonsense mutations or major deletions, and cannot produce infectious virus particles. This is because most are just long-lasting traces of the original virus, having first integrated many millions of years ago.

What does this mean? Endogenous Retroviruses insert randomly and are passed on from parent to child. For example, the Great Apes and Humans share a great many of these Endongeous Retroviruses that are inserted into random points in our DNA. They cannot insert randomly into the same line of DNA between all Species of Apes. Humans are included in that definition because we are indeed classified as Primates. I know you guys like talking about random chance and the astronomical number of possibilities and stuff... but this happening by chance would be beyond even your calculations.

Shall I move onto the next DNA evidence?

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