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Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post
Oh I like that. You disagree with the experts on the opinion. I'm glad I don't have to adhere to your opinion when it comes to sending someone into space or administering medicine to someone who's sick.
Oh! Awesome! You brought up the Logical Fallacy of an "Argument from Authority". That is completely correct not to just stand by for those arguments, however it is reasonable to give more credence to the claims of those with the proper background, education, and credentials, or to be suspicious of the claims of someone making authoritative statements in an area for which they cannot demonstrate expertise. But the truth of a claim should ultimately rest on logic and evidence, not the authority of the person promoting it.

As I've said, when it comes to a crime scene that no one else was witness to... if we have the adequate epiracle evidence... then we can convict someone of murder if thats what the evidence suggests. Was someone witness to the Earth coming into existance? I mean, was a HUMAN witness to that?
Then how do we know it happened? Haha. Come on dude.

I do know the difference... unfortunately... you appear to be blinded by bias because you only deny without offering some alternative explanation for the DNA evidences I have provided. The only explanation so far is Common Ancestry... so you have a lot of work to do. Good luck.
Your DNA evidence is not direct proof of anything. It's just as much an indication of a Common Designer as it is for a common ancestor.

Is the existence of "residual DNA" in our bodies a fact? Well, from our current understanding of genetics, yes. However, in order for that fact to be proof of anything it must be interpreted and that interpretation depends greatly upon the worldview of the interpreter.

So, claiming that it is proof of Evolution is simply an opinion since none of us were alive to witness these events. Also, comparing it to a crime scene just tells me that you've watched too many episodes of CSI.
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